2016-2017 Executives

Tatsuya Aoki
Co-Director / Interim VP Events

EMP-22Tatsuya is a fourth-year BCom student, specializing in Accounting. He joined EMP as the Events Director in 2015. Tatsuya is passionate about mentorship as he has received guidance, advice, and support from his parents, teachers, and professionals throughout his life. He hopes that more Sauder students will be involved with EMP under his leadership.

Ali Geum

EMP-27Ali is a second-year BCom student, intending to specialize in Accounting. During her first year, she has gotten involved in many initiatives at Sauder including EMP as the Junior Intern, International Business Club and CUS Sustainability. With a passion for mentorship, she is excited to co-chair EMP and looks forward to making a positive difference in the community.